Company profile

O.H. Fiskeeksport A/S was founded in 1984 by the company’s current managing director, Ole Hatlebakk. Today the company employs a staff of 40-70 persons. Since Ole Hatlebakk is Norwegian, it was natural that Norwegian fish products became the main activity of the company.

The main products today are Salmon and Salmon fillets. Fresh Salmon from Norway is delivered to the factory almost every day. A part of the Salmon is sold on as it is, but the main part is manufactured to fresh Salmon fillets. Through a network of good co-operation partners a wide range of fresh and frozen fish-products are furthermore offered on a trading-basis.

The production takes place in our own factory. The factory was taken into use on 1st October 2001, since the facilities formerly used were becoming outdated. Hence we have new, modern facilities where quality and hygiene are having pride of place. Naturally we are producing according to the HACCP-principles. We are always making an effort to have a flexible production in order to comply with the many various demands of our customers. Furthermore all our staff members have a lot of experience from the fish business. This ensures our customers a high, uniform quality.

Today O.H. Fiskeeksport A/S is selling both on the domestic market and exporting to most of the European markets. Daily shipments ensure that the goods reach our customers, both domestic and abroad, as soon as possible.

The philosophy of the company is to deliver quality products at competitive prices. Furthermore we are laying particular emphasis on a high ability to deliver. This is achieved by close co-operation and planning with both our customers and our suppliers.