Other types of Fish

As supplement to the products, we produce ourselves, we are able to offer a wide range of other fishproducts on a trading-basis. These products are bought on various auctions and packed/produced by our competent business partners.


We can mention the following products:

Herring – round, deli and fillets
Cod – gutted head-on/headless, fillets, loins and tails
Haddock – gutted head-on/headless and fillets
Plaice – gutted, kitchenready and fillets
Saithe – Fillets
Monkfish – tails with or without belly
Lemon Sole – gutted and fillets
Catfish – skinned and fillets
Common Sole – gutted
Turbot – gutted
Redfish – round and fillets
Mackerel – round, gutted and fillets
Pike – round and fillets
Pikeperch – round and fillets
Perch – round and fillets
Powan – round
Mullet – round
Greenland Halibut – fillets
Tusk – fillets
Ling – fillets

On enquiry we can also get other products, for instance from Norway or the Faroe Islands.